The department works with students daily learning for four and correspondence – four and a half years, after which they take an exam in a foreign language on the bachelor’s degree. Faculty also taught undergraduates and graduate students, preparing them for exams. The total workload of teachers of faculty of more than 15,000 hours per year.

In addition to academic work department engaged in scientific and scientific-methodical works. Research conducted in the following areas: theory and methodology of teaching foreign languages, theory and methods of professional education, theory of translation, typological and comparative linguistics, cognitive linguistics, discourse. On the results of the work members of the department annual report on various scientific conferences, supporting professional and friendly relations with colleagues from other universities Vinnitsa and Ukraine. Already become a tradition of the annual inter-university seminar “Language path to understanding.” It involved teachers of the department of MI, the best students of our University and universities of Vinnitsa.

The department is a member of TESOL – Ukraine, and its teachers regularly participate in conferences and seminars of the organization in order to improve their professional skills.

Faculty constantly working to create textbooks and teaching materials for students of different specialties. In recent years, the department created 23 manuals and guidelines, 2 monographs, 3 patents.

To join the world of modern technology and improve teaching methods and Methodists all teachers of the department were computer courses in 2000-2001r.r.

Each year, as part of general university program department conducts conferences and competitions in foreign languages, participation in which invited students of all institutions and courses. The winners take part in national competitions. So in 2008 the student gr. PZ-03 John D. Kushnir ITKI won the Ukrainian student competition on the subject “English” in Dneprodzerzhinsk.

MI Department staff consists of 34 people, including 4 professors, 7 PhDs, 9 centuries. professors, 17 lecturers, 2 engineers and category 2 tbsp. laboratory.